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Work in the Payment Summary window

The Payment Summary window shows a summary of the all of the payments you just made. In this window, you can review each payment, print liability checks, and print the summary for your records.

Review your payments

In the Payment Summary window, you can review a summary of the overall check run as well as detail about each payment.

Each payment includes the following detail:

  • The name of the scheduled tax payment. When you click the payment name, the payment appears in the Liability Payment window.

  • The agency or institution to which the payment was made. The payee must be set up as a vendor in QuickBooks.

  • The deposit period applied to the payment.

  • Total amount of the payment.

  • Payment method: E-payment or printed check. Enhanced Payroll customers can set up and submit the payment electronically.

  • The date the agency will debit the funds from the payroll bank account specified for this e-payment. This column is blank for payments set up to be printed liability checks.

  • If the payment was a printed check, the Payment Summary window shows the check number. If the payment submitted to the agency as an e-payment, the Payment Summary window shows the QuickBooks confirmation number.

Print liability checks

You can print the payroll liability payments that are set up to be printed.

Click Print Checks. The liability payments you just created appear in the Select Checks to Print window.

Print a summary

You can print a summary of the payroll liability payments you just created and keep it with your company records.

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