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Work in the Audit Trail window

Use the Audit Trail window to track an e-payment (in the E-payment Audit Trail window) or an e-filed form (in the E-filing Audit Trail window). The Audit Trail window can be especially helpful if you're investigating a payment or form that was rejected by the agency.

Note: This is not the same as the audit trail that QuickBooks uses to track changed information about transactions such as checks, invoices, and bill payments.

Review information about the payment or form

The Audit Trail window displays the following:

  • The name of the scheduled payment or form

  • The agency to which the payment or form was submitted

  • The amount of the payment (E-payment Audit Trail only)

  • The deposit period for the payment (E-payment Audit Trail) or the reporting period for the form (E-filing Audit Trail)

  • The tracking number that QuickBooks returned when the payment or form was submitted

Review status

Each transmission event that occurs after a payment or form is submitted to the agency is recorded and displayed as a status event in the Audit Trail window. Status events are timestamped and appear in ascending, chronological order. More...


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