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Work with Social Security numbers in QuickBooks

Collecting and verifying employee Social Security numbers

Where to find employee Social Security numbers

You can verify Social Security numbers with the federal government. For more information, visit the Social Security Administration Web site at Go online www.ssa.gov/employer/ssnv.htm.

Protecting employee privacy

Access to Social Security numbers in QuickBooks

Users who have Full Access permissions for Payroll and Employees can view employee records, including employee Social Security numbers.

Users who have Selective Access permissions for creating and printing payroll transactions and reports can see Social Security numbers on printouts and in reports, unless the preferences for displaying these numbers have been turned off for the company file (see the next two items for more information).

Social Security numbers on paycheck vouchers and paystubs

You can choose to prevent QuickBooks from displaying Social Security numbers on paycheck vouchers and paystubs by unselecting the "Print employee Social Security numbers" option in the Paystub and Voucher Printing section of the Payroll and Employee company preferences.

Note: As of the QuickBooks 2005 release date, California is the only state that requires Social Security numbers to be printed on paycheck vouchers. If you are a California employer, you should check with your state agencies before unselecting this option.

Social Security numbers on report headers

You can choose to display Social Security numbers in report headers by selecting the "Display employee Social Security numbers in headers on reports" option in the Payroll and Employee company preferences. When this option is selected, employees' Social Security numbers will appear next to their names any time employee names appear in column or row headers.

To prevent Social Security numbers from appearing in headers, unselect this option.

Social Security numbers in the body of reports

Social Security numbers appear in the body of reports only if you choose to have the SSN/Tax ID column appear in the report.

If you choose to export payroll data to Microsoft Excel using the Summarize Payroll Data in Excel feature, QuickBooks will export the Social Security number column to the QuickBooks Payroll Workbook. However, you may remove these columns in Excel if you don't want them to appear on your final report.

Using a Social Security number as a federal identification number for your company

According to the IRS, if you are a sole proprietor who has no employees and who files no excise or pension tax returns, you can use your Social Security number as your identification number.

There are other cases where employers, such as hobby businesses and household employers, may use their Social Security number when filing tax forms. If you use one of the Intuit Payroll Services, however, please note that these services are designed for regular employers with federal Employer Identification Numbers.

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