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If you were using a tax set up as a deduction or company contribution (in a previous version of QuickBooks)

The current version of QuickBooks can create many miscellaneous state and local taxes as other tax payroll items using information in the tax table. The tax table contains the rates and annual wage limits for most of these taxes. Go to Intuit's Go online State and Local Payroll Taxes Web site to view a list of these taxes and information about them.

QuickBooks automatically adds any missing "other tax" payroll items for your state when you start to pay employees, review the tax setup in the Employee Defaults window, add a new employee, or change the state, in the employee record, where the employee works.

In a previous version of QuickBooks, you may have used deductions or company contributions to track miscellaneous state or local taxes. If a payroll item had the "Is a Local Tax" checkbox selected, it was converted to a user-defined other tax payroll item when you updated your company data. If the "Is a Local Tax" checkbox was not selected, the payroll item is still a deduction or company contribution.

If QuickBooks has already created another tax payroll item based on the tax table, you now have two payroll items for the same tax. You should merge the old payroll item with the new payroll item. QuickBooks may ask you to review your employee setup if a merged tax contains fields that need to be filled in.

Note: You cannot merge the new payroll item (set up from the tax table) into the old payroll item (deduction, company contribution, or user-defined other tax). You must merge the old one into the new one, so that only the new one remains.

If the tax is a local tax that QuickBooks doesn't set up from the tax table, from now on use a user-defined other tax payroll item for it. If the tax is still a deduction or company contribution on your Payroll Item list:

Important note about wage bases for the current year to date

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