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What the payroll tax setup wizard will do for you

QuickBooks has detected that your payroll tax table contains a new state tax that affects at least one of your employees and has just added the new tax to your Payroll Item list.

This wizard changes the tax setup for all affected employees and makes certain adjustments, if necessary.

The new state tax is a company-paid tax that affects all employees who are subject to state unemployment tax (or who may be subject to the tax based on other factors) for this state. The wizard guides you through the correct setup, depending upon your answers to the questions it asks.

If QuickBooks detects that there is more than one new state tax that affects you, the wizard prompts you to set up the second tax after you have set up the first tax.

Important: The wizard sets up only certain kinds of new taxes. Always read the tax table documentation that describes the changes in your tax table to learn whether you need to take any additional action.

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