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Choose W-2 forms to process


This list shows all employees who have payroll transactions for the selected year. As you process employee W-2 forms, you can use this window to view your progress.

QuickBooks automatically selects all employees, but for W-2 forms, you can choose to work with any number of employees.

  • If you want to unselect all the employees, click Unmark All. The button changes to Mark All.

  • Check the box next to the names of the employees whose W-2 forms you want to review.

  • If you want to select all the employees again, click Mark All. The button changes to Unmark All.

If you need to print a Form W-2 for one employee, select the employee and click the Print Forms button.

Form W-3 is a summary document for all the selected employee W-2 forms that you are submitting.

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