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Provide employees' W-2 forms online (ViewMyPaycheck and TurboTax)

After you've printed employees' W-2s, you can provide this information online so that employees can view their individual W-2s using ViewMyPaycheck and can download the information directly to Intuit's TurboTax when they prepare their taxes. Why do this?

You can offer your employees the benefit of easier, faster, and more accurate tax preparation. By providing this information online in ViewMyPaycheck, you ensure that employees always have access to their information even if they misplace their printed W-2s. And because Intuit makes both QuickBooks and Turbo Tax (personal tax preparation software), employees who use TurboTax to prepare their taxes don't have to manually enter the numbers from their printed W-2s; they just download the information directly into their tax returns.

Note: Providing online copies of employee W-2s does not eliminate the requirement that you provide paper copies to each employee by the IRS due date.

What if I use Assisted Payroll?

Since the Assisted Payroll service prepares your W-2s, all you have to do is authorize the downloading of this information to ViewMyPaycheck. For instructions for making this authorization are on the ViewMyPaycheck site.

To do this task

  1. Open the W-2 Payroll Tax Form window.

    Open the W-2 tax form window.
  2. Select the employees whose W-2s you want to process.

    The list shows all employees who have payroll transactions for the selected year. By placing a checkmark in front of each name, QuickBooks has automatically selected all employees for W-2 processing. If you want to process W-2s for only some of your employees, remove the checkmark in front of employees you don't want to process at this time.

  3. You can review the forms, or you can click Print/E-file to proceed with W-2 processing.

    To review the W-2 and W-3 forms, click Review/Edit. Use the Next button to page through the W-2 and W-3 information. When you are satisfied, click Submit.

  4. In the Print/E-file Form window, you can do any of the following:

    • Click Print to print W-2s for your employees, yourself, and the SSA. When you have finished printing, you can indicate that you also want to provide employees' W-2 information online.

    • Click E-File Federal Forms to send W-2s to SSA electronically. When you have finished e-filing, you can indicate that you also want to provide employees' W-2 information online.

    • If you have previously printed or e-filed without providing W-2s online or if you need to resend W-2s, click Provide W-2s Online.

Is there a charge for this?

There is no charge to provide your employees' W-2s online or for your employees to use ViewMyPaycheck. For employees who use Intuit's TurboTax, there is no additional cost to access their W-2 information from TurboTax.

Is this safe?

QuickBooks uses industry-standard methods to securely send the W-2 information electronically to Intuit's firewall-protected servers. Each employee has access only to his or her own W-2 information through a private, password-protected login on ViewMyPaycheck.com or from TurboTax.

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What if I need to change a W-2 I've already sent online?

Just correct the W-2 as you normally would and reprint it. When you close the Print window, QuickBooks will send the W-2 information again. If you make changes after your employee has already downloaded his or her information, the employee must download the corrected information or make the change to his or her tax return manually so be sure to give your employee a corrected copy of the W-2.

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