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Pay payroll taxes and liabilities

Tutorial Watch a 6-minute tutorial about paying your payroll taxes and liabilities

QuickBooks allows you to pay your payroll taxes and other payroll liabilities, such as 401(k), or health insurance. There are three ways to pay your payroll taxes and payroll liabilities in QuickBooks:


  • For QuickBooks to use the most recent tax tables available to automatically calculate payroll taxes and deductions, you must have an active Go onlinepayroll service subscription.

    What if I have an Assisted Payroll subscription?

  • Each payee must be set up as a vendor in your QuickBooks company file.

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  • Use the Payroll Liabilities feature rather than the Write Checks window to pay payroll taxes and other liabilities. If you use the Write Checks window, QuickBooks assumes you haven't paid your taxes, and the amounts on your payroll tax forms will be incorrect. When not to use the Write Checks window

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