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Save a payroll tax form you haven't finished

If you get interrupted when you are preparing a tax form, you can save the form and finish it later.

Note: QuickBooks does not save forms when you create a backup.

To save an unfinished payroll tax form

  • In the Payroll Tax Form window, click Save and Close.

To re-open a saved payroll tax form

  1. Open the Select payroll form window.

    Go to the Select payroll form window.
  2. Select your form.

  3. QuickBooks will ask whether you want to open your saved draft or start a new form. Click Open Draft.

    Exception: If you edited data in QuickBooks after you told QuickBooks you would finish a form later, and you need that data to show up on your form, start a new form. Do not open the draft, because QuickBooks does not export new data into the draft.

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