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Archive a payroll tax form as a PDF file

If you have a subscription to QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll, QuickBooks automatically archives your payroll tax forms by saving them as PDFs each time you print or e-file.

(For Form W-2, QuickBooks archives only copy A and Form W-3. These copies cannot to be used for e-filing or distribution to employees. They are intended just for your records.)

To turn off the automatic save

  • For each type of payroll tax form (W-2, 941, and so forth), you can specify that copies not be saved by unchecking the Automatically create an archive when I e-file or print box at the bottom of the payroll tax form window.

  • You can still save individual forms at any time by clicking the Save as PDF button.

  • You can always print a copy of a form for your records by clicking the Print for Your Records button.

To view saved tax forms

  • In the payroll tax form window, click the View Saved Tax Forms link.

  • To view a document that has been saved in PDF format, you must open it using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You cannot view it from within QuickBooks.

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