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Do payroll tax forms get saved with backups?

If you tell QuickBooks you will Save & Close, and you make a backup of your QuickBooks company file, QuickBooks does not save the form as part of the backup.

If you need to send a backup to your accountant or bookkeeper

Preferred method: QuickBooks recommends that you print a copy of your form and fax it to your accountant. If you are subscribed to QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll, you can archive a copy as a PDF and e-mail it to your accountant.

Advanced method: If you need your accountant or bookkeeper to review and edit payroll tax forms you started and told QuickBooks you would Close & Save, you must send the folder that contains your saved form(s) along with your backed-up company file.

Follow the instructions carefully to avoid losing your work and having to create your forms again.

  1. Go to the directory where you saved your company file. Look for the folder called " Tax Forms," where "" is the name of your company file. For example, in the image below, if your company file is called "Sample Company", the name of the folder is "Sample Company Tax Forms."

  2. Tell your accountant or bookkeeper to place the Tax Forms folder in the same place on their computer that they put your company file. (QuickBooks will not be able to locate and open your form(s) if the folder is not in the same place as your company file.)

  3. When your accountant or bookkeeper returns your company file to you, remind them to return the Tax Forms folder as well; otherwise, you will not receive any edits they made to your forms.

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