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Adjust numbers on a payroll tax form


In most cases, you should not need to adjust the numbers on your payroll tax forms. QuickBooks exports your payroll data into the form. As long as your payroll data is correct and up-to-date, your payroll tax forms should be complete when you create them.

  • Special note about Form 941

    QuickBooks makes your Fraction of Cents adjustment (Line 7a) for you if the difference between your total taxes (Line 10) and your total liability for the quarter (Line 15 Total) is within $1.00.

Before you adjust numbers on your payroll tax forms, use the tax forms worksheets in Excel to see the detailed QuickBooks transactions that make up the amount in question.

If you need to adjust any numbers, you have two options:

  • QuickBooks strongly recommends that you make any adjustments to the source data inside QuickBooks and start a new form.

  • If necessary, you can edit most fields in the form directly. For more, see Editing payroll tax forms.

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