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How QuickBooks calculates numbers on Form 944

QuickBooks uses payroll items to calculate amounts for payroll tax forms. To verify the accuracy of any payroll item amount, go to the Payroll Item List and run a QuickReport for the payroll item in question.

For detailed information about how QuickBooks calculates the amounts on Form 944:

  • Visit the Clickable Forms page on the Go onlineQuickBooks Support web site. The Clickable Forms page provides information about payroll tax forms for the current year. You can click in a box or field on Form 944 and get general information from the IRS about the box or field, as well as detailed information about how QuickBooks calculates the amounts.

  • Open the payroll tax form in QuickBooks and click "View Details about this form". The information that appears when you click this link is unique to the Form 944.

    1. Go to the Employees menu, click Payroll Forms, and then click Process Payroll Forms.

    2. Click Federal forms.

    3. Select Annual Form 944/945A - Interview for your 944/945-A.

    4. Click OK.

    Where to find the "View details about this form" link

    The link is located at the bottom of the Payroll Tax Form window, as shown in the following illustration.

    View Details About This Form
  • Use the Excel tax forms worksheets to drill-down on a number from your Form 944 and see all the detailed QuickBooks transactions that make up that number.

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