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About printing Form W-2 on preprinted forms

  • QuickBooks prints two W-2s per page and does not work with preprinted forms that have more than two W-2s per page.

  • If you're using preprinted forms, print each form copy individually, so that you can check alignment and feed preprinted forms into the printer. It's a good idea to use Print Test to print onto blank paper. Hold the printout and the preprinted form up to the light to check alignment. If there are problems, use the Align button to adjust alignment, before you start printing on preprinted forms.

  • The preprinted W-2 forms supplied by the IRS are not designed to work with QuickBooks or any other software program—consequently, the W-2 information will not print properly on the preprinted W-2 form. According to the IRS, their preprinted W-2 forms are intended to be completed by pen or by typewriter, not by a software program. What options do I have?

    If you want to process and print your W-2 forms from QuickBooks, you have two options:

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