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Why are my payroll tax forms out-of-date?

When you have a Go onlinepayroll service subscription, payroll tax forms that are supported with the subscription are updated and downloaded with your payroll updates.

If you have an Assisted Payroll subscription

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However, your QuickBooks company file may have outdated payroll tax forms whenever the following occurs:

  • You don't have an active payroll service subscription. To get updates to payroll tax forms, you must have an active payroll service subscription. More...

    To verify that your payroll service subscription is still active, open the Payroll Center and check the Subscription Status section.

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  • You haven't downloaded the latest payroll update, which has the most current payroll tax forms available. How do I get a payroll update?

  • You've tried to get a payroll update, but have had a problem downloading or installing the update. Get a payroll update and make sure that you download the entire payroll update. Restart QuickBooks and watch for a message that says everything updated properly. What do the messages mean?

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  • Intuit hasn't updated the payroll tax form for QuickBooks yet. Why?

    In many cases, annual payroll tax forms aren't updated until they're required. For example, Form W-2 for the current tax year will not be available for download until December.

    To see which payroll tax forms are available and which have changed, check the What's New section of the Tax Form Changes page provided with your payroll update.

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