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State payroll tax forms

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You must have a Go onlinepayroll service subscription for QuickBooks to use your payroll data to prepare your state payroll tax forms.

If you don't have the appropriate subscription to QuickBooks Payroll, however, you can still gather information from your QuickBooks company file and use it to prepare your state payroll tax forms outside of QuickBooks.

What if I'm an Assisted Payroll customer?

Note for Assisted Payroll customers.


  • For a list of state payroll tax forms that are available in QuickBooks, go to the Go onlinePayroll Tax Compliance page and select your state.

  • Accountants with a subscription to QuickBooks Standard Payroll can still prepare state payroll tax forms for their clients who have a subscription to QuickBooks Payroll.

    If you are an accountant or bookkeeper and have a subscription to QuickBooks Standard Payroll, you can prepare state tax forms for clients who subscribe to QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll.

    1. Load the client's QuickBooks company file into your copy of QuickBooks.

    2. From the Employees menu, select Payroll Forms.

    3. Choose State Form, and then click OK.


      • If the State Form option is not available, load a company file associated with your QuickBooks Standard Payroll subscription. From the QuickBooks Employees menu, select Employer Services and then Add/Edit Services.

      • If your Service Name contains "Disk Delivery," verify the Status for your subscription is "Active." If the status contains any other value, you must add a service key.

      • If your Service Name is "QuickBooks Standard Payroll," from the QuickBooks Employees menu, choose Get Updates and then click Get Payroll Updates.

      • If "You must update before" says "Update Now," click Update and follow the onscreen instructions. Load the client's company file and repeat these steps.

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