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Print a Form W-3 on blank paper

You can print W-3 instructions and a Form W-3 on blank paper. To obtain accurate W-3 information, you can review your W-2 forms onscreen.

Important: To ensure your Form W-3 is accepted by the U.S. government, use white paper and black ink.

To print a W-3 form

  1. Open the Payroll Tax Form window.

    Open the Payroll Tax Form window
  2. Keep all employees selected, or click UnMark All, then select the employees whose W-2 forms you are filing with the W-3.

  3. Click Review/Edit and review your W-2 worksheets, then review the Form W-3 worksheet.

  4. Click Print forms.

  5. Select Blank/Perforated Paper.

  6. Under Government, select W-3.

  7. Click Print.

  8. Click Close Window to close the Print window.

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