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Find information about payroll tax forms

QuickBooks provides a variety of ways to get information about preparing, reviewing, revising, printing, and e-filing your payroll tax forms from QuickBooks.

Important: To prepare and file payroll tax forms in QuickBooks, you must Go onlinehave a payroll service subscription.

What if I'm an Assisted Payroll customer?

Note for Assisted Payroll customers.

Find out which payroll tax forms you can prepare in QuickBooks

To see if a particular federal or state payroll tax form is available and supported in QuickBooks, go to the Payroll Tax Payments and Forms page on the Go onlinePayroll Tax Support Web site. The Payroll Tax Support Web site also provides detailed information about which states do e-pay and e-file. Learn more about e-file and e-pay.

Get details about federal and state payroll tax forms

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