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Work with payroll tax forms

You must have a Go onlinepayroll service subscription to prepare payroll tax forms in QuickBooks.

The following provides general information about payroll tax forms, not about specific payroll tax forms. For payroll tax assistance and to find out which payroll tax forms are supported in QuickBooks, go to the Go onlinePayroll Tax Compliance web site.

What if I'm an Assisted Payroll customer?

Note for Assisted Payroll customers.

Work with your form

Get more information about individual forms

Finish your form

  • View your form's filing and printing instructions

    • For most federal and state payroll tax forms, you can do the following:

      • Click View filing and printing instructions in the payroll tax form window to view filing and printing instructions for your form.

      • Click the Back to form link to go back to your form.

      • Click the Previous arrow at the bottom of the payroll form window to navigate back to your form.

    • For Forms W-2 and W-3, you can print the filing and printing instructions:

      1. Click Print forms.

      2. Under Employer, select Employer Filing Instructions: for W-2 and W-3 forms.

      3. Click Print, then click Close Window.

  • Print a form

  • Will my tax agency accept the form?

    Will my tax agency accept the form?
  • Save a form that you haven't finished

  • Archive a form

Troubleshoot payroll tax form issues

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