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Payroll tax forms: Next steps

QuickBooks might recommend some of the following steps, depending on the type of form you completed:

  • If you made any adjustments to the form, be sure to make those same changes back in QuickBooks.


    QuickBooks sends data to the forms, but it does not bring back any changes that you might make.


    The legal name of your business may have recently changed from "Acme Company" to "First Acme Company." However, the change has not yet been made in the Legal Information section of the Company Information window. When you open the tax form, the legal name still shows as "Acme Company." You edit the name in the tax form and change it to "First Acme Company." If you want to make that change permanent in QuickBooks, you need to go to the Company Information window

    Go to the Company menu and click Company Information. Edit the legal name there.

  • Create a payment coupon or voucher

    Let's say you just created a quarterly payroll tax form and you have a payment due. Some tax agencies require you to fill out a coupon and send it in with your payment. In many cases, the payroll service has that coupon available and you can create it the same way you just created your tax form.

    • Consult your tax agency or your accountant for your state's requirements.

    • Consult the list of tax forms supported by the payroll service (Go online www.quickbooks.com/taxforms) to see if you can create your payment coupon in QuickBooks.

  • Create a check

    If you have a payment due with a tax form, or if you just filled out a tax coupon, remember to create a check in QuickBooks to cover the payment. QuickBooks does not create this payment automatically.

    Be sure to record the payment in the correct place in QuickBooks.

    • If your payment is for a tax liability, create the payment in Pay Liabilities.

    • If it is for something else, such as a penalty, record the payment in Write Checks.

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