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Set up a miscellaneous state or local payroll tax

If you need to set up all of your payroll (compensation, benefits, employees, taxes, and payroll history), run the Payroll Setup interview. Shortcut

Set up a payroll item for each miscellaneous state or local payroll tax you pay. You can choose from the QuickBooks list of common miscellaneous state and local taxes, or you can set up taxes that aren't on the list.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Lists menu and then click Payroll Item List. Shortcut

  2. Click the Payroll Item button and then click New.

  3. Click Custom Setup and then click Next.

  4. Choose a predefined miscellaneous state and local tax.

    For additional information that will help you fill in the fields, go to the Go onlinePayroll Tax Compliance page.

  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

    To go back to a previous window, click Prev.

Note: QuickBooks computes payroll taxes on paychecks only if you subscribe to QuickBooks Payroll.

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