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Enter state payroll tax information (individual employees)

Regardless of how you have set up your employee defaults, you can customize the state tax information for each employee. QuickBooks then uses this information when you write a paycheck for the employee.

To do this task

QuickBooks can't find the payroll item

  1. Click Employee Center.

  2. Click the Employees tab, if necessary.

  3. If the employee is already on the list, double-click the employee's name.


    If the employee is not yet on the list, click New Employee at the top of the list.

  4. Click the Change tabs drop-down list and choose Payroll and Compensation Info.

  5. Click the Taxes button. Click the State tab.

  6. In the State Worked section, click the State drop-down list and choose the state where the employee works.

    Depending on the state you select, QuickBooks displays the SUI and SDI checkboxes.

  7. If the employee is subject to state unemployment insurance, either company-paid or withheld, select the SUI checkbox. If the employee is subject to state disability insurance, select the SDI checkbox.

    Note: For corporate officers or a member/owner of a limited liability corporation, some states exempt income from SUI. This may impact FUTA. For more information, contact your professional tax advisor and your state tax agency.

  8. In the State Subject to Withholding section, click the State drop-down list and choose the state where the employee is subject to state withholding.

  9. Enter the filing status and other information from the state withholding form the employee gave you.

    For additional information that will help you fill in the fields, go to Intuit's Go onlineSupported State and Local Payroll Tax Information web site.

  10. Do one of the following:

    • To continue entering tax information, click either the Federal or the Other tab.

    • If you have no more tax information to enter, click OK to return to the New or Edit Employee window.

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