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Enter sick and vacation time information for an employee

Regardless of how you have set up your employee defaults, you can customize sick and vacation time information for each employee. QuickBooks then uses this information to automatically accrue vacation amounts when you write paychecks for the employee.

To do this task

  1. Navigate to the Sick & Vacation window of the employee's record.

    1. Click Employee Center.

    2. Click the Employees tab, if necessary.

    3. If the employee is already on the list, double-click the employee's name.


      If the employee is not yet on the list, click New Employee at the top of the list.

    4. Click the Change tabs drop-down arrow and then click Payroll and Compensation Info.

    5. Click the Sick/Vacation button.

  2. In the top half of the Sick and Vacation window, in the Hours available as of... field, enter the number of paid sick hours that are currently available to this employee.

    When should you enter or adjust the hours?

  3. Click the Accrual period drop-down arrow and choose one of the accrual periods for sick time.

  4. In the Hours accrued field, enter the number of sick hours the employee had at the beginning of the year.

  5. (Optional) In the Maximum number of hours field, enter the maximum balance of sick hours that this employee can have.

  6. If you want sick hours to reset to zero when a new accrual year begins, select the Reset hours each new year? checkbox.

  7. Enter the start date of the accrual year.

    If this employee accrues sick time on a calendar year, enter January 1.

    If this employee accrues sick time on a different schedule, for example an anniversary year, enter the day that year begins.

  8. Enter the date that sick time should begin accruing.


    Let's say you give your employees sick time on an annual basis that begins on their hire date. But let's say you also require your employees to work for six months before they are entitled to start earning sick time. If you have an employee who starts work on June 15, their accrual year begins on June 15, but they don't actually start accruing sick time until December 15. Enter June 15 in the Year begins field, and enter December 15 in Begin accruing sick time on field.

  9. To specify accrual information for vacation hours, repeat Steps 2 through 8 for the Vacation section of the window.

  10. Click OK to record your changes.

Note: If the "Prints as" name is something other than "Sick" (for sick time) or "Vacation" (for vacation time), it's because you modified your payroll preferences to give that item a different label, such as "Paid Time Off", when it prints on employee paystubs and vouchers.

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