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Check your payroll item setup

Create a payroll item list report to show the information you entered for your payroll items (as well as information built into the tax table).

The payroll item list report shows the name, type, amount (or rate), annual limit (if any), expense account, liability account, and tax tracking of each payroll item.

For taxes predefined by the tax table, the annual limit is the annual wage limit for the tax. For nontax items and for user-defined taxes, the annual limit is the maximum annual amount for the item for an employee.

To do this task
  1. Go to the Reports menu, choose Employees & Payroll, and then click Payroll Item Detail.

  2. View the details of your payroll items in the Payroll Item Detail report that appears.

  3. To add or remove columns from the report, click Customize Report in the button bar.

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