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Tax rates for state unemployment or state disability insurance

QuickBooks helps you set up and maintain tax rates for state unemployment insurance (SUI), state disability insurance (SDI), and additional unemployment taxes (sometimes called assessments or surcharges).

Company rates and employee rates

You may be required to pay these taxes as a company expense (company rates). You may also be required to withhold a tax or portion of a tax from employee earnings (employee rates). When applicable, QuickBooks lets you enter both the company rate and the employee rate on the same screen.

Format for entering rates

For some states and taxes, the rate is the same for every company, and QuickBooks supplies these rates through the tax tables. You do not need to enter these rates (QuickBooks may not even show you the tax rate window). If the rate changes, all you have to do is get a payroll update with the current tax table.

For other states and taxes, rates may be different for companies or employees based on specific criteria. QuickBooks may show these tax rate fields with a drop-down arrow, allowing you to choose from rates provided by the current tax table or 0 (if the company or employee is not subject to the tax).

Alternately, QuickBooks may provide a field for you to enter the rate. You enter the rate as a percentage, not a decimal (that is, 3.285%, not .03285). (Go onlineSee examples of rate notices and how to enter rates.)

Default tax rates

Default tax rates

Quarterly and annual rates

For some rates, QuickBooks shows fields for each quarter of the current year. Between July 1 and December 31, QuickBooks also displays fields for the first quarter of the next year so that you can enter a tax rate change as soon as you receive a rate notice from the state agency. On January 1, this new rate populates all the quarterly fields for the new year.

For other rates, QuickBooks shows only one field for the year, and you must wait until January 1 to enter a tax rate change for the new year.

Reasons why you might not be able to enter a new tax rate

Why can't I enter my new rates?

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