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Enter overtime payroll items on the employee record

If an employee has more than one overtime rate

Create a separate Overtime Pay payroll item for each type of overtime. For example, if any of your employees earn both time-and-a-half and double-time, create separate payroll items for each, so that you can assign the appropriate multiplier (1.50 and 2.00) to each.

On the employee record, enter both overtime payroll items below the regular pay payroll item on which they are based, like this:

Overtime rates based on regular rate

If an employee has more than one regular hourly rate

If your employee performs two different types of jobs and earns a different hourly rate for each job, create separate Regular Pay and Overtime Pay payroll items for each hourly rate. On the employee record, enter the payroll item for the first job's hourly rate, then enter the payroll item for the first job's overtime rate, like this:

Separate overtime rate

Next, repeat those steps for the second's job's straight time and overtime rates, like this:

Additional overtime rate

The overtime payroll items now follow the correct regular pay payroll items, and QuickBooks will produce the correct rate for them.

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