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Why can't I e-file this form?

Before you can e-file a form, you must:

  • Be sure that you have an active subscription payroll service subscription. For information about which payroll service subscription you must have to e-file your federal and selected state payroll tax forms, Go onlineclick here.

  • Set up this form for e-file in the payroll setup interview. The payroll setup interview guides you step-by-step through the process.

    If the agency requires that you enroll, you may need to enroll in the tax agency's electronic filing program. If so, you'll receive detailed enrollment instructions in the payroll setup interview. You can also view the enrollment instructions for an agency by visiting the enrollment pages on the Go onlinePayroll Tax Support Web site.

  • If this payroll tax form is already set up for e-file and you have an active payroll service subscription, but the E-file or E-file Federal Form button is still grayed out, then you may be trying to e-file a form that has errors.

    You cannot e-file a payroll tax form if QuickBooks detects errors with the data, which can include incorrect or missing information. You must fix any errors before you e-file.

    • To view the errors, close the Submit Form or Print/E-file Form window, and then click Check for Errors at the bottom of the Payroll Tax Form window. Any errors with the data or the form appear at the top of the window.

    • To focus on a particular error in the Payroll Tax Form window, double-click the error text. To find out how QuickBooks calculated the amounts on the form, click View details about this form in the Payroll Tax Form window.

    • Be sure to check for errors again before you resubmit the form.

    Alternatively, you can print the form with the missing or incorrect information.

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