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How to set up on your own

If you leave the wizard now, here's what you need to do to complete the setup on your own.

  • For each employee subject to state unemployment insurance for the same state, add the new tax to the employee's payroll setup for other taxes.

  • Reduce the rate on your payroll item for company-paid state unemployment insurance for the same state.

  • Run the Payroll Checkup to look for incorrect company-paid state unemployment insurance amounts for each employee.

  • For each prior quarter of the current year in which an employee has an incorrect amount, enter a liability adjustment to decrease the liability for company-paid state unemployment insurance. Also add an adjustment for the new tax payroll item to increase the liability by an equal amount. For the new tax only, enter the wage base on which the tax is based (observing the annual wage base limit).

  • Edit your liability payment checks for this state to show that you have paid the liabilities for the new tax and have paid less company-paid state unemployment insurance by an equal amount. (The check total should not change.)

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