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Keep track of payroll expenses by class

What happens when you track payroll expenses by class

  • QuickBooks automatically assigns classes to wages and company-paid taxes.

  • You can determine which additional payroll items and company contribution payroll items to track by class. (See step 4 below)

  • QuickBooks applies class tracking to new transactions only. It does not apply it to previously affected transactions.

To do this task

  1. Turn on class tracking in the accounting preferences.

  2. Turn on the payroll preference for tracking payroll expenses for job costing and class.

  3. Choose between the payroll preferences to either always assign a single class to an entire paycheck or to assign different classes to different earnings items on individual paychecks.

    Which preference should I choose?

  4. Decide which addition payroll items or company contribution payroll items you want to track by class. Then open each of those payroll items, and select the checkbox for Track Expenses by Job.

    Note: The Track Expenses by Job checkbox only appears when you have class tracking turned on.

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