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Recall quantity field on paychecks

Determines whether QuickBooks automatically carries forward quantities from the paychecks with the latest transaction date as seen in the check register (this may not be the last paycheck you actually entered.)

Select this option when you have a fixed quantity that recurs from paycheck to paycheck and you want this quantity carried forward.

If you check "Recall quantity field on paychecks", QuickBooks carries forward quantities for all payroll items that are based on quantities that are also part of the employee's payroll record. The quantities are taken from the paycheck with the latest (may not be most recent) transaction date.

Restriction: To carry the quantity forward to the next paycheck, the item must be on the employee record.

Where to find this preference:

  1. Open the Payroll and Employees preferences.

    Opening Payroll and Employees preferences
11/18/2017 12:41:55 AM
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