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Copy last paycheck earnings...

Determines if QuickBooks copies earnings items, their rates, and hours from your employees' previous paychecks onto their new ones.

Benefits of using this preference

  • If your employees' hours usually do not change from paycheck to paycheck, this preference saves you the trouble of having to key in hours on every paycheck.

  • If you track paycheck expenses by Customer:Job or by class, this preference saves you the trouble of having to re-create the splits on every paycheck.

What happens when you select this preference

  • QuickBooks automatically carries forward earnings items, their rates, and the hours from the previous paycheck.

    Important: If you change an employee's pay rate on their employee record, you will also have to make the change manually on their next paycheck if you have this preference turned on. QuickBooks does not transfer the new rate to the new paycheck; instead, it carries forward the old rate from the previous paycheck.

  • QuickBooks also carries forward any Sick or Vacation payroll items from the previous paycheck.

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