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Assign one class per...

QuickBooks displays this option if you have class tracking turned on.

Determines if QuickBooks assigns one class to an entire paycheck, or a separate class to each payroll item that appears in the Earnings section of a paycheck.

Entire paycheck: Click this option to have QuickBooks assign a class you specify to all payroll expenses, including company-paid taxes, on the paycheck.

Earnings item: Click this option to have QuickBooks add a Class column to the Earnings section of the Preview Paycheck window, which gives you the ability to assign a separate class to each payroll item listed in the Earnings section.

If you select this option, QuickBooks also assigns classes to any additions or company contributions on employee paychecks, based on the classes assigned to earnings items. If the earnings items are assigned to more than one class, QuickBooks prorates the class assignments of the additions and company contributions based on the prorations of the earnings items.

Where to find this preference:

Open the payroll and employees preferences.

Opening payroll and estimates preferences
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