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Select a custom logo to print on paycheck vouchers and pay stubs

With Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, you can substitute your own logo for the "Powered by Intuit" logo on paycheck vouchers and pay stubs.

To do this task

  1. Click File.

  2. Enter the name and location of the file that contains your custom logo.

    For best results, your custom logo image should fit into a 1.62-inch wide by .31-inch tall space (486 x 93 pixels at 300 dpi).

  3. Click OK.

The preview in the Selected Logo area uses the same aspect ratio as the printed logo. If the preview logo looks squashed or stretched, the aspect ratio in the custom logo image file is incorrect, and you need to create a new image.

If you change the location of your custom logo image file, you need to return to this window and reload the image. If QuickBooks cannot find your custom logo image file, it will substitute the "Powered by Intuit" logo.

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