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Enter payroll data from an outside payroll service

If you are switching from an outside payroll service to tracking your payroll in QuickBooks, you need to enter some data from your payroll service into QuickBooks.

Payroll information from your payroll service is usually in the form of company taxes grouped together by pay period, rather than by employee. When you set up payroll in QuickBooks, you need to enter payroll information about both employee and company taxes grouped by each employee.

  1. Use the payroll setup interview to set up payroll in QuickBooks.

  2. When you begin summarizing year-to-date amounts, group the company-paid taxes by employee.

    For example, enter the tax amounts for the first employee on the list. Then go to the next pay period for the same employee, and so on, until you get to your final pay period for the year. Repeat this process for each employee.

  3. For company taxes that have a matching employee tax (generally Social Security and Medicare taxes), look at the tax amounts for the company to figure out the same tax amounts for each employee.

  4. For other company taxes and employee taxes, add the gross wages for each employee and calculate the amount based on the rate of the tax, observing the limit.

  5. Generate payroll summary reports for the same time periods as your reports from the payroll service.

  6. Compare the QuickBooks reports with your reports from the payroll service. If there are any small differences due to rounding errors, create a company liability adjustment.

If there are large discrepancies, you may have missed an employee's data or a payroll run when you were calculating the amounts.

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