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What if I have more than three employees?

If you're subscribed to the Basic Limited Payroll service (purchased before December 2007), you can only pay three employees at a given time, which means that you can have only three active employees in QuickBooks.

Note: Owners and contractors aren't considered employees. See Paying an owner or partner and Paying independent contractors for more information.

You have the following options:

  • Learn about other payroll solutions offered by Intuit to meet your payroll needs—whether you prefer to do things yourself, or you want us to do it all for you: QuickBooks Payroll (Basic Unlimited Payroll, Enhanced Payroll, Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, and Assisted Payroll). For detailed information about QuickBooks Payroll services, go to the QuickBooks Payroll Web site.

  • Inactivate terminated or on-leave employees.

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