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Add a payroll service key

Important: Your payroll service key, which is provided when you subscribe to payroll, enables you to use QuickBooks Payroll. If you are not already subscribed, determine which payroll service is right for you and then sign up. To add a service key, you must be subscribed to payroll and have an EIN entered in the Company Information window.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Employees menu and click My Payroll Service.

    What if the menu item isn't there?

    The menu option may not appear because:

    • You have configured your company file to process your payroll manually, without a QuickBooks Payroll subscription. To learn about your payroll options in QuickBooks or to order a payroll service, go to the Employees menu, click Payroll Service Options, and then click Learn About Payroll Options.


    • You are signed up for a different level of QuickBooks Payroll. Go to the Employees menu, and click My Payroll Service, and then click Manage Service Key. (Skip step 2.)

  2. Click Enter Payroll Service Key.

  3. Click Add.

  4. In the QuickBooks Service Sign-Up window, enter the service key you received from QuickBooks in the Service Key field.

    Go onlineI don't remember my service key

  5. Click Next and then click Finish.

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