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Verify payroll identification numbers

View your payroll service keys and your QuickBooks license number.

To open the Service Keys window, go to the Employees menu, choose My Payroll Service, and click Manage Service Key.

What if the My Payroll Service menu item isn't there?

  • You don't have a current QuickBooks Payroll subscription.


  • You haven't selected a payroll option in your QuickBooks company file.

To learn about your payroll options in QuickBooks, order a payroll service, or activate a service key, go to the Employees menu, choose Payroll, and click the appropriate menu choice.

To verify that the payroll service has correct license and EIN numbers, compare the numbers listed in the QuickBooks Service Keys window with the corresponding entries in the following windows:

  • About QuickBooks (Go to the Help menu and click About QuickBooks.)

  • Company Information (Go to the Company menu and click Company Information.)

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