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How an outsourced payroll service differs from a service integrated with QuickBooks

Go onlineQuickBooks payroll services are fully integrated with QuickBooks, allowing you to set up and track your payroll in QuickBooks. The service uses the most current tax information available to calculate payroll taxes. Assisted Payroll provides additional features that make it a more comprehensive payroll service. QuickBooks Assisted Payroll:

  • Makes your federal and state payroll tax deposits from your payroll bank accounts.

  • Files required federal and state payroll tax forms.

  • Prepares and prints employee W-2 forms for your employees and mails them to you.

  • Files Form W-3 information for your company.

If you choose to use an outsourced payroll service, you do not enter your payroll information into QuickBooks. Instead, you call in your information to the payroll service and have the service process and print your paychecks, deliver paychecks to you, prepare and file payroll tax forms, make your payroll tax deposits on your behalf, provide reports, and so on.

Important: For specific information about current payroll offers and features, contact Go online QuickBooks Assisted Payroll.

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