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What data does QuickBooks send?

When you subscribe to a QuickBooks Payroll service with per-employee billing, QuickBooks sends some of your payroll information to the secure Intuit server so that we can correctly calculate your bill.

Each time you pay employees, QuickBooks automatically sends the following information:

  • Paycheck date
  • Paycheck number
  • Employee name

If you are not connected to the internet when you create paychecks, QuickBooks remembers and automatically sends the next time you connect.

Note: This automatic send for billing purposes does not replace the need to click Send to Intuit if you have direct deposit paychecks.

Check Your Bill

If you want to see what information Intuit has used to create your monthly bill, choose My Payroll Service > Account/Billing Information from the Employees menu.

Send Usage Data

In the rare event that QuickBooks is unable to automatically send the payroll information needed for billing, you may see a message asking you to force a send of the data. To do this, choose My Payroll Service > Send Usage Data from the Employees menu.

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