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Payroll Center overview

The Payroll Center displays information about all of your payroll tasks: paying employees, paying payroll taxes, and preparing your payroll tax forms.

To open the Payroll Center, go to the Employees menu and click Payroll Center, or from the Employee Center, click the Payroll tab at the top of the left-hand column.

Why can't I see the Payroll Center?

The Payroll Center is available only with a subscription to QuickBooks Payroll, such as Basic Payroll, Standard Payroll, Enhanced Payroll, or Assisted Payroll. Payroll functionality must be turned on in QuickBooks.

Important: Intuit no longer accepts new subscriptions for Standard Payroll, but continues to support existing users of this service plan. Standard Payroll subscribers may want to Go onlineexplore other payroll service plans designed for QuickBooks users.

How do I subscribe to QuickBooks Payroll?

You can:

Important: For Assisted Payroll subscribers

The Assisted Payroll service makes your payroll taxes and liability payments and prepares and files your tax forms for you.

You can set up scheduled payments for liabilities that are not paid by the service. For example, Assisted Payroll subscribers can set up scheduled payments to pay accrued liabilities to health insurance agencies.

For a list of the exact tax forms prepared and filed for you and answers to many common questions about this service, visit the Go onlineQuickBooks Assisted Payroll support Web site. In addition, you can view and print the forms that Assisted Payroll has prepared for you by clicking View/Print Forms & W-2s in the View Tax Forms section of the Payroll Center.

Common questions:

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