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Create client-ready payroll reports

Payroll service requiredClient-ready payroll reports require an Enhanced Payroll for Accountants subscription.

Important: You must have Microsoft Excel 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010 installed on your computer to use this feature.

To do this task
  1. Go to the Reports menu, click Employees & Payroll, and then click Client-Ready Payroll Reports.

  2. If necessary, follow the prompts to enable macros in Excel. The Client-Ready Payroll Reports window appears after you enable macros.

  3. In the Report Dates section, indicate the date range you want.

    Click the date range (for example, Today, Custom, This Month, and so on).


    Enter the From and To dates.

  4. Select the Remember Report Selections per Company checkbox if you want to use the settings from the previous run of client-ready payroll reports for this company file. If you have never run reports for this company file, and you select the checkbox, the default settings (all reports will run) apply.

    If you do not select the checkbox, QuickBooks applies settings from the previous report run (no matter which company file was used).

  5. Click the Options/Settings button to set report preferences and then click the OK button.

    • Include EIN in report headers: Select this checkbox if you want to include the Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) in the report header.

    • SSN displayed as: Click the drop-down arrow and then click an option to display Social Security numbers in full, masked so that only the last four digits display, or hidden altogether.

    • Extra rows between sections: Click the drop-down arrow and then click a number to indicate how many blank rows to include between report sections.

  6. Click the Accountant Info button, enter the contact information that you'd like to appear in the report header, and then click the OK button.

    You can enter information in any of the fields, depending on what you want in the report header.

  7. In the Reports to Run section:

    • Leave the checkmark next to the reports you want to create in this report run.

    • Click to clear the checkbox of any reports you do not want to create.

  8. If you're creating the Employee Cost Comparison report, choose the comparison date range.

    Click Same dates in the prior year if you want to compare the date range you specified in the Report Dates section with the same dates from the prior year.


    Click Custom date range if you want to compare the date range you specified in the Report Dates section with a custom date range. Then enter the From and To dates of the custom range.

  9. Click the Create Reports button. QuickBooks confirms when the reports have been created.

  10. In the reports confirmation window, click a button:

    • Print Preview: Opens the Microsoft Excel Print Preview window.

    • Print All: Prints the reports you created.

    • OK: Closes the report confirmation window so that you can view and reformat the reports in Excel.

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