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Paycheck Detail report

Payroll service requiredClient-ready payroll reports require an Enhanced Payroll for Accountants subscription.

How do I create this report?

What this client-ready report tells you

The report lists paychecks issued on the most recent date in the date range specified. If more than one check was issued to a single employee, up to 5 paychecks for that employee are listed.

Date range

The report covers the last payroll run of the date range you specify when you run the report (This Month, This Fiscal Quarter, a custom range, and so on). For example, if payroll runs occurred on 8/1/08, 8/15/08, and 9/1/08, and you specified a custom date range of 7/1/08 to 8/30/08, the report provides paycheck details for the 8/15/08 payroll run. The date appears in the upper-right corner of the report, next to For Paychecks Issued on.

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