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Tax contact information overview: Auto-fill signatures

When you fill out federal or state payroll tax forms, QuickBooks can automatically fill in signature information for the following three contacts:

  • Primary Signature: The owner of the business that is filing the payroll tax forms. The Primary Signature can optionally allow the Third Party Designee or Paid Preparer to discuss the forms with the federal or state tax agency.

  • Paid Preparer: Typically, an accountant who is filing the tax forms on behalf of the business owner.

    Important: Paid preparer signature information can be entered and edited with a subscription of Enhanced Payroll for Accountants. After the Paid preparer signature information is entered, anyone with a Basic, Standard, or Enhanced Payroll subscription cannot edit the information.

    Note: Intuit no longer accepts new subscriptions for Standard Payroll, but continues to support existing users of this service plan. Standard Payroll subscribers may want to Go onlineexplore other payroll service plans designed for QuickBooks users.

  • Third Party Designee: Typically, an employee of the business who has authority to file payroll tax forms on behalf of the business owner (Primary Signature).

This information is entered once in the company file. Then, each time you fill out a payroll tax form, QuickBooks automatically populates the form with the necessary signature information. This saves time, particularly for accountants who must file forms for numerous clients each quarter. You can also edit the information on a tax form when you view it.

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