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View and edit details of after-the-fact paychecks

after the fact payroll

Payroll service requiredAfter-the-fact payroll requires an Enhanced Payroll for Accountants subscription.

To edit a payroll item in a paycheck, that item must be set up for that employee. If not set up, the items appears in the window but you can't edit it in the employee's check.

To do this task

  1. Make sure that your payroll service plan is for Enhanced Payroll for Accountants. After-the-fact payroll requires this payroll service.

    Am I subscribed to QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced Payroll?

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  2. Go to the Employees menu and click After-the-Fact Payroll. This option appears only if you have Enhanced Payroll for Accountants.

  3. In the After-the-Fact Payroll window, enter after-the-fact paychecks.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To edit the current paycheck, click the View/Edit Detail button.

    • To edit a different paycheck, click the row containing the paycheck to edit and then click the View/Edit Detail button.

  5. In the Preview Paycheck window, edit the fields you want to change.

  6. If you want to create a net-to-gross paycheck, click the Enter net/Calculate gross checkbox and enter the net amount that QuickBooks must use to determine gross wages.

  7. Click Save & Close. This closes the Preview Paycheck window and returns you to the After-the-Fact Payroll window.

  8. Click the Record button to save the paycheck.

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