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Why are some cells gray?

after the fact payroll

In the After-the-Fact Payroll window, a gray cell can't be edited. Some reasons why include:

  • Certain cells contain fixed rate taxes, such as Medicare, Social Security, and state disability. QuickBooks calculates these types of payroll taxes based on a fixed percent of gross wages, per state and federal tax rates.

    If the amount that QuickBooks calculates doesn't match the amount your client provided, most likely your client used a different method of calculating these taxes than that used by QuickBooks. Adjust the paycheck as you normally would when you find this kind of difference in after-the-fact payroll.

  • Diff +/- and Calculated Net Pay can't change because they are intentionally calculated by QuickBooks based on amounts in the paycheck.

  • When entering paychecks for multiple employees in the same instance of the window, not all columns apply to every employee. If a column is for a payroll item that applies to one employee but not another, the cell is gray for the employee that doesn't have that payroll item in their employee record.

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