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After-the-fact payroll overview

after the fact payroll

Payroll service requiredAfter-the-fact payroll requires an Enhanced Payroll for Accountants subscription.

Am I subscribed to QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Accountants?

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QuickBooks after-the-fact payroll lets accountants efficiently enter, verify and adjust after-the-fact paychecks - all from a single spreadsheet-style screen.

  • Each row in the After-the-Fact Payroll window represents a single paycheck. When you create a paycheck for a given employee, press Tab to move across the row into each field.

  • Click the Customize Columns button to make the After-the-Fact Payroll window match your client's paychecks.

  • When you enter the employee name for the paycheck, QuickBooks automatically fills certain fields for the check with information. If the Copy last paycheck earnings when creating new one preference is turned on, data from the last paycheck entered for this employee appears. Otherwise, the data is from the payroll items set up for this employee.

  • The After-the-Fact Payroll window lets you create gross-to-net paychecks. To create a net-to-gross paycheck, click the View/Edit Detail button and enter the check using the Preview Paycheck window.

  • Use the After-the-Fact Payroll window for creating paychecks. When you create checks and then close the window, although the paychecks have been saved, they don't reappear in this window the next time you open it. Instead, go to the Employee Center, and then click the Transactions tab to view the paychecks.

After-the-fact payroll process

What is the after-the-fact payroll process?

  1. Your client prepares and issues payroll checks outside of QuickBooks and provides you the payroll information.

  2. You, the accountant, customize the After-the-Fact Payroll window to match your client's payroll information.

  3. You enter all the paychecks into QuickBooks in the After-the-Fact Payroll window. Note that you must have an Enhanced Payroll for Accountants subscription to enter after-the-fact paychecks.

  4. As you enter paychecks, QuickBooks helps you adjust each one that's out of balance so that gross wages equals the sum of all the other amounts entered for that check. You can choose to have QuickBooks adjust a check automatically or you can adjust it manually.

  5. You can use the after-the-fact payroll information you've entered in QuickBooks to prepare payroll tax forms or to calculate any outstanding payroll tax liabilities.

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