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Column behavior in the After-the-Fact Payroll window

  • Columns available to add and remove in the After-the-Fact Payroll window are based on the payroll items set up for the employees in your company file.

  • Some columns contain cells that you can't edit.

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  • Some columns always appear.

    The first four columns in the window always appear as the first columns and in the following order:

    • Chk Date

    • Chk Num

    • Employee Name

    • Gross Wages

    These three columns always appear (they can't be removed) but can be moved as a group to a different location in the window:

    • Enter Net Pay

    • Calculated Net Pay

    • Diff+/-

    All other columns in the window can be added, removed, and moved, even when the payroll item a column represents applies to only one employee in the company file

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