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Troubleshoot columns in after-the-fact payroll

Payroll service requiredAfter-the-fact payroll requires an Enhanced Payroll for Accountants subscription.

If the columns you expect to see are not in the After-the-Fact Payroll window, here are a few reasons why they may not appear:

  • Most columns in the window correspond to payroll items. So, if the payroll items you need haven't been set up for the employee in the company file you're using, they don't appear in the After-the-Fact Payroll window.

    To add payroll items to the company file, run the payroll setup interview or add items from the Payroll Item list. Then, in the After-the-Fact Payroll window click the Customize Columns button to add the columns you need.

  • The payroll items exist in the company file, but the After-the-Fact Payroll window has not been customized to show the columns that you need.

    To customize the window, click the Customize Columns button and then add the columns you need.

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