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Print paychecks

To do this task

  1. Load your checks in the printer.

  2. Go to the File menu, choose Print Forms and then choose Paychecks.

  3. Click the Bank Account drop-down arrow and choose the payroll checking account that contains the checks you want to print.

  4. Verify that the number in the First Check Number field matches the first number on your checks in the printer.

  5. Select the checks you want to print.

    How do I separate regular paychecks from Direct Deposit paychecks?

  6. Click OK.

  7. (Voucher checks only) If you need more than one copy of each check, enter the number of copies in the Number of copies field.

    Restriction: This field appears only if you have a page-oriented printer. If you have a continuous-feed printer, you can print additional copies by using multiple-part check stock.

  8. Click Print.

  9. Did your paychecks print correctly?

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