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Alternatives to printing pay stubs

QuickBooks gives you several ways to provide pay stubs to your employees: printing, emailing, or sending to ViewMyPaycheck.

Advantages of printing

  • A familiar process for you
  • Employees are used to receiving paper pay stubs

Advantages of emailing

  • Employees access each pay stub as a password-protected PDF attachment, using a password you provide
  • Saves cost of paper and ink and the time it takes to distribute paper pay stubs

Advantages of ViewMyPaycheck

  • Pay stub information available online to employees 24/7
  • Information sent securely and employees access their information with their own unique user IDs and passwords
  • Saves the most time since sending pay stubs requires only the click of a button
  • Eliminates need to re-create lost pay stubs since employees' historic pay stubs are retained online
  • Eliminates risk of sending the pay stub information to the wrong employee
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